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Vision & Mission



Bishop's Message


The R.t.Rev.Dr.Royce Manoj Victor,Ph.D

I am glad to know that a College Website is getting ready for the Christian Muller Women’s College, Chombala. It is needless to mention that online technology is becoming an important part of educational process nowadays. In this context the role of the website is significant as it serves to be an information portal enabling the College to reach out to students, parents and society and make them aware of the institution in detail. I take this opportunity to appreciate everyone who worked ardently on getting this website ready.

There was a specific purpose for starting Christian Women’s College, Chombala As God’s children in Christ, we know that men and women are equally valuable in God’s eyes. Along with men, women also need to come up in all fields Education is a crucial factor in this. The Diocese of Malabar understands the importance of women also getting a good education. Girls should be educated at par with boys. They should be provided with an opportunity to learn and grow by attaining higher education. God has helped so much to fulfill this good purpose.

May God bless your endeavour in order that the website be useful for students parents and society and College too.

Principal Message

Ten years ago, upon this serene hill, a small sapling was planted, and it turns into a flowering plant now, As it is known, our college has completed 10 years of its existence and we are heading towards excellence, We could successfully integrate tradition with modernity, and always eager to get updated from time to time. That helps us 0 be a ‘receptive institution’ to the changes happening around us. Since 285, our institution endeavors to work towards women empowerment and. the holistic development of the student community, We are pledged to stick to our vision Lighted to enlightened. Enlightenment is the overall development not only in the academic realm but also in moral and ethical perspective. As cach year passes by CMWC is stepping to further heights. Our university Examination results in all programmes are always above 90 percentages. Moreover, our students who left the college are pursuing their further studies in various institutions in and outside our state. Few of our students are continuing their studies in UK and Canada. 1 am so happy to inform that, in the last year, our student won first position in M Sc Psychology examination under the University of Calicut. Our college has applied for 150 9001 and is also preparing for the NAAC accreditation.Our college is under the management of Church of South India of Malabar diocese. The management extends continued support-financially, morally and spiritually-to this budding institution. It is the Basel Mission that brought basic education to Chombala and opened the door of learning to all irrespective of caste, creed and financial status. CMWC takes pride in its rich heritage and glorious past and looks forward to a future whereas our girls shower light to this society.


Academic Director

Dr. K. K Asokan